Thu. Feb 27th, 2020

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Totallympics Audio Service began as an idea. Producer Matt Nelsen had recently graduated from high school, where he was the Editor In Chief of the school’s journalism team, and he felt the need to continue to his journalistic pursuits, but wasn’t quite sure what he wanted to do. One day, while surfing our affiliated forum,, Matt had the idea to begin a sports podcast. He decided to float the idea out on the forum to see what the other users thought about it. There was some mild interest from the other users, but more importantly it caught the attention of co-host and co-founder Wojciech Nowakowski. Together Matt and Wojciech worked to form what became the Totallympics Audio Service. Our first program was the Totallympics Weekly Update, which is still in production to this day. Totallympics Weekly Update is a program that aims to update listeners from around the world on all the current happenings in Olympic and non-Olympic sport. It was after the first few episodes of this program that Matt and Wojciech knew they had something special. It was also around this time that the third member of the Totallympics Audio Service, Roman Vazquez, joined in on the fun. Roman Vazquez has been an integral member of the team and a senior reporter at Totallympics Media ever since.

Now that you know our backstory, feel free to listen to our recent episodes below.

Recent Episodes