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Sand Creates Unique Challenge For Karatekas At 2019 ANOC World Beach Games

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Qatar, Doha - 2019 October 12:Karate Kata Round 01 at Katara Beach during day one of the 1st ANOC World Beach Games Photo by Pelagia Karanikola / Laurel Photo Services

The second day of the 2019 ANOC World Beach Games brought a new challenge for the world class karatekas.

The first sport to get underway on day 2 of the 2019 ANOC World Beach Games was karate. Only the forms discipline of karate, kata, features at this year’s world beach games. The fighting discipline, kumite, was not chosen for inclusion in the games by the organizers, even though it has greater international participation than kata.

The kata at the 2019 ANOC World Beach Games would be unique because it would be performed in the sand instead of its normal environment, indoors and on hard mats. When talking about the challenge of competing on sand, American karateka Jessica Kwang said, “Usually on tatami… you have a little bit more connection to the floor because we drive all of our technique from the ground up, so because we have a soft surface that gives, we have to be careful with our footing and weight distribution. We have to use our core a lot better. That’s the importance for us, maintaining balance on the sand. It gives another layer of challenge because now we’re using our body in a different way because we can’t rely so much on our toes and feet” (Source: awbgqatar). All together the karatekas didn’t seemed to fazed by the new surface when the competition got going today.

The sound of silence, only broken by the odd airplane flying over the beach or the yell of a karateka, meant that it was time for the competition to get going.

The woman were up first for their performances in Round 1 of the competition. The top performance of the day came from Spain’s Sandra Sanchez who managed an impressive score of 26.48. In fact she was the only woman to be given a score in the 26 range on the first day of competition. The second highest score in the first round belonged to Hong Kong’s Mo Lau. She scored a 25.88, which was enough to place first in group C. Rounding out the top three on day 1 was Terryana D’onofrio of Italy. She also managed to sneak into the 25 range with a score of 25.26.

More impressive performances in the first round came from; Jessica Kwong (USA), Fatemeh Sadeghi (IRI), Maria Dimitrova (DOM), Raquel Roy Rubio (ESP), Sakura Kokumai (USA), Jasmin Juettner (GER), Phoung Nguyen (VIE), Carola Casale (ITA), and Dilara Eltemur (TUR); who all managed to score in the 24 range and advance to Round 2. Alexandra Feracci (FRA) was the only karateka to score in the 24 range and not advance to the final. This was to due to her group being the strongest of the 4 groups. The women will be back in action tomorrow for Round 2, the Ranking Round, and the Medal Matches.

The men also performed in their first round today. The best score of the day was posted by Spain’s Damian Quintero. He scored a 25.94 to win group B. Following closely behind Quintero was the United States karateka, Gakuji Tozaki. Tozaki won group C with a score of 25.60. Third place in the first round went to Turkey’s Ali Sofuoglu. Sofuoglu topped group A with a decent score of 25.28. Ariel Torres (USA) and Emre Gojtas were the only other karatekas to find the 25 range today. Both easily advanced to the second round tomorrow.

The rest of the karatekas scored somewhere between 24 and 22. All the karatekas, expect for Morocco’s Adnane El Hakimi, who scored in the 24 range advanced to the second round. El Hakimi had the misfortune of being in the strongest group of the day, which prevented him from joining his follow karatekas in Round 2. The men’s competition will continue with the same schedule was the women’s competition tomorrow.

For more information visit https://www.awbgqatar.com. Totallympics Media will continue it’s coverage of the 2019 ANOC World Beach Games, so be on the lookout for more articles.

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