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Totally Quiz #5

2 min read

Wojciech Nowakowski

Welcome to Totally Quiz #5. Good Luck!

1. Which one of the following is not discipline of Boules Sport?
2. Which country made it’s debut at the Women’s Bandy World Championships this year?
3. Where does the Olympic Flame Lighting Ceremony take place?
4. Which was city was originally selected as the host city for the cancelled 1940 Summer Olympic Games?
5. What is the technical name for the flags in orienteering?
6. When was Snowboarding first added to the Winter Paralympics program?
7. Which country is the only nation to win an Olympic gold medal in Basque Pelota?
8. In Fencing, what is the valid touch (scoring) area for Sabre?
9. Which of the following boats has made the most appearances at the Summer Olympic Games?
10. Which country was won the most gold medals in Baseball at the Summer Olympics?

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