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Totally Quiz #4

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Welcome to Totally Quiz 4. Good Luck!

1. What was the motto for the 2012 Summer Olympic Games?
2. The 2020 IBU Biathlon World Championships began this week, who won the women’s sprint?
3. What is the maximum weight allowed for doubles luge sleds (without athletes, on an artificial track)?
4. Which of the following distances is not raced in both short track speed skating and speed skating?
5. In which host city did IOC President Thomas Bach win his Olympic gold medal?
6. Which of the following countries has won an Olympic medal?
7. Which of the following sports will be contested at the 2021 World Games?
8. What is the men’s pole vault world record as of February 15, 2020?
9. Sarah Forster played ice hockey for Switzerland at the 2018 Winter Olympics. What place did her team finish?
10. What is the only sport Montserrat has competed in at the Commonwealth Games?

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