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Oldest Competitors At The 2020 Winter World Masters Games

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Alberto Corsi, the oldest competitor of the WWMG 2020. Photo Credit: shootandstyle

When it comes to age-related records, there is no other sport at the WWMG 2020 which can match Alpine Skiing.

The oldest competitor taking part in the Winter World Masters Games 2020 is the 87-year-old skier Alberto Corsi from Italy. He is just a month older than the oldest Austrian taking part in the games, Gottfried Suppan from the province of Carinthia in the south of the country.

The Alpine Skiing events also welcomed the oldest male competitor from Tyrol, Wilfried Steiner, who was one of the many skiers competing in the Giant Slalom. The 85 year-old also attended yesterday’s opening ceremony: “What a wonderful event. The atmosphere and spirit of the competitors is like nothing I have seen before.” Steiner hails from the town of Wörgl, around 45 minutes east of Innsbruck, but will be staying in the regional capital for the duration of the Games in order to make the most of all the events going on. Yesterday he travelled up onto the Patscherkofel mountain to inspect the piste conditions.

“The clean mountain air up there suits me really well,” comments Steiner, who prefers the technical disciplines. “I am really looking forward to the slalom tomorrow. I only started skiing slalom at the age of 70 – and now I can’t get enough of it.” After each inspection, Steiner does a quick sketch of the course and marks out what he calls the “hectic sections”. “That way I will be prepared for the race tomorrow. I am honoured to be one of the oldest competitors taking part.”

Renate Abfalterer, the oldest female competitor in the Games from Tyrol, was also part of today’s race. “We live just a 30-minute drive from the Patscherkofel mountain. It’s great to have such an international race right here on our doorstep. The conditions on the course are fantastic.“

Alberto Corsi, Wilfried Steiner and Gottfried Suppan will all be in action again tomorrow, Monday 13.01.2020. The Slalom begins at 9:00 and will also be held on the Patscherkofel mountain. For start lists and results lists please visit

Source: Innsbruck2020

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