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Event Preview: Individual To Bring Biathlon (And France) To The Center Stage

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An Italian ITA athlete training for the Women’s Biathlon at Les Tuffes Nordic Centre in France. The Winter Youth Olympic Games, Lausanne, Switzerland, Friday 10 January 2020. Photo: OIS/Dylan Burns. Handout image supplied by OIS/IOC.

Biathlon at the 2020 Winter Youth Olympics will get underway with the Individual events for men and women.

One of the biggest changes to Biathlon from the 2016 Winter Youth Olympics to the 2020 Winter Youth Olympics, was the swapping of the Pursuit event for the Individual event. There will be no Pursuit in Biathlon at Lausanne 2020, instead will see the youth athletes racing in the Short Individual format.

The main the difference between the Individual and Pursuit (besides the distance) is how the shooting penalties are applied. In the Pursuit, athletes do a penalty loop (generally 75-100m) for each missed shot. In the Individual, athletes do not take a penalty loop, instead a penalty minute is added to their overall time. Athletes in the Individual also race under the time trial format, as where in the Pursuit it’s a direct race (Athletes start according to their finishing order in the Sprint).

Shooting will be the key factor during the Individual. While an athlete may be able to recover from one (maybe two) miss(es) with good ski speed, multiple misses will end their shot at a medal. Athletes will need a quick pace on the trails, but slow and steady shooting at the range.

Another unique fact about the Individual at Lausanne 2020, is that it will be the first event held outside of Switzerland. Biathlon will be held at the Les Tuffes Nordic Centre across the border in France. Both the Swiss and the French should receive loud cheers from the home fans.

The women will start first at 10:30 local time. They will ski a distance of 10km, and shoot a total of 4 times. There are 97 entries from 36 countries. Look for the French to raise the occasion at their home venue.

The men will race after the women at 13:30 local time. They will ski a distance of 12.5km, and a shoot a total of the 4 times. There are 99 entries from 36 countries.

For updates on information such as results, you can follow Totallympics Media’s daily blog, or you can visit the Lausanne2020 website and look at the timing and scoring.

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