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Totally Facts: Random Sports Facts For The Week Of November 17, 2019

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Unlike my Welsh friend, I was not feeling cold embrace of alpine skiing this week. Instead, I decided to look towards the upcoming Southeast Asian Games and the unseasonably warm Southern California weather for inspiration this week.

  1. This week sees both the 250 days to to until Tokyo2020, and the 50 days to go until Lausanne2020 milestones.
  2. There will be 56 sports on offer at the 2019 Southeast Asian Games, with the likes of underwater hockey, athletics, artistic swimming, waterski, and floorball making an appearance.
  3. The Southeast Asian Games have only been cancelled once. It was the 1963 edition due to be held in Cambodia. The games were canceled for a mixture of reasons. Obviously the region was experiencing great turmoil with the likes of the Khmer Rouge seeing rising influence. Plus, Cambodia had also found itself in a dispute with the IAAF, which wasn’t a good situation if they wished to keep athletics in the games. The games went without a different host because none of the other ASEAN countries could be ready in time. Cambodia has yet to host the Southeast Asian Games, but is slated to do so in 2023.
  4. The 1932 Winter Olympics were originally due to be held in a small alpine village about an hours drive outside of Los Angeles. However, the San Gabriel Mountain Range had received almost no snow that year. Wrightwood (the alpine village where the games were due to be held) would not go down history as an Olympic host city, despite having the world’s biggest ski jump at the time. Instead the games were reallocated to Lake Placid. Lake Placid would go on to become a legendary bastion of winter sport, hosting the Winter Olympics in 1932 and 1980.
  5. With the looming prospect of yet another drought in California, it only seems fair to mention one of the worst gold medal droughts in Olympic history. Canada hosted 2 Olympic Games (1976 Summer Olympics, 1988 Winter Olympics), and began a third (2010 Winter Olympics), before winning a gold medal on home turf. The feat was achieved by Alexandre Bilodeau in the men’s moguls event on the second day of the 2010 Winter Olympics. Vancouver 2010 ended up becoming a very memorable games for Canada. They managed to score the most gold medals ever won by a single country at the Winter Olympics. It was a historic feat that still breathes magic around Vancouver and Whistler to this day.

I apologize for this batch of facts being a day late, but sometimes it’s important to just enjoy life for a day of two. Thank you for reading my article, and thank you to our readers for their continued support.

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