Thu. Feb 27th, 2020

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Controversial penalty score distracts the celebrations of Irish field hockey team

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With the two Sunday games the first part of the Field Hockey Olympic Qualifier has finished. The two men’s quotas went to the Dutches and the Canadians.

Both battles were very tight. With the Netherlands saving the 4-4 draw against Paksitan with the penalty corner goal by Mink van der Weerden in the last minute of the first match in Amstelveen, the second match was one-sided as Oranje defeated their rivals 6-1, securing the place at Tokyo 2020.

In Vancouver Canada met with Ireland. As the first game was won 5-3 by the Irish team, they seemed to be a favorite to the quota. Losing 1-2 at the end of the revenge, Ireland was already celebrating the Olympic quota. Canadians, however, asked for a video refereal for a possible foul in the penalty circle just before the final whistle. The video umpire took the controversial decision, calling an infraction and asking for the penalty stroke. It was used by Scott Tupper, which lead to tie on aggregate and the shootout. Despite two chances for a happy end, the Irish team didn’t score the deciding ones, while Canada won in the sudden death, taking the quota.

The following weekend will see the last quotas available to be distributed. The remaining two-match battles will be held since Friday.

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